Abarth Gifts

The Abarth owner is a very discerning driver. He or she appreciates quality, image, heritage and exclusivity. They get them all in the Abarth brand.

At the moment there are three ranges: the 124 two seater sports car and the 595 and 695 versions of the Fiat 500.  Whatever Abarth you drive you are part of the Abarth family. As such you can participate in exclusive Abarth events organised by the official club – the Scorpionship. You are part of something special and probably want to celebrate the fact by receiving or giving an Abarth-themed gift.

So, if you’re looking for a present for a friend who owners one of there great charismatic cars, or if you own one yourself and want to treat yourself, have a look at some of these ideas.

Also, since Abarth owners obviously like driving, you may find something of interest on the Driving Experiences page.

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