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Car Art – Limited Edition Prints and Original Works of Art for the Petrolhead

Here we bring together some of the main artists, galleries and internet storefronts to make it easier for you to find the artwork you want at a price you can afford. This is just a starter selection – we will be adding more artists and galleries in the future.

Unique & Limited Gallery

Unique & Limited is a group of digital artists who recreate evocative car-related images from the past using modern digital methods.  Here is an example – The White Dame below shows the elegant Maserati 3500GT out on a test run through Modena in 1957 shortly after its launch. The detail is fantastic but so also is the atmosphere.

Maserati 2500GT White Dame in Modena

Unique & Limited sell numbered limited edition prints of their work and have a website called Unique & Limited Gallery where you can browse and buy their work. You can also watch videos and read about how each piece is created.

The attention to detail in their work is amazing and so is the time and effort they spend on each picture. This YouTube video shows how they created the White Dame.

The image at the top of this page is called Silver Stallion Racing For Victory. It shows the Lucien Bianchi / Georges Berger silver and yellow Ferrari 250 GTO battling it out with the Claude Dubois / Philippe de Montaigu’s red Ferrari in the 6000 km 1964 Tour de France Automobile.  To see how they recreated this image see this YouTube video – Ferrari 250 GTO – Tour De France 1964 Breakdown.


Automobilist is the Internet storefront for the group of artists who are Unique & Limited. This is where they display and sell their very detailed and accurate digital posters. Their website address is https://automobilist.com.

Automobilist car art poster sets Ferrari 412P

Poster sets. This one depicts the great Ferrari 412P (aka the P4) which took revenge in 1967 for Ford’s success the previous year. Here we have the winning Ferrari 412P at Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans, Daytona and Kyalami in 1967.

car art automobilist bugatti

You can also buy single posters like the one above. If you buy three, you get a fourth free of charge.

Car Art - Porsche 906 from Automobolist

This is a Porsche 906 from the Colors of Speed collection.

The whole Colors of  Speed collection of more than twenty cars can be seen here – Colors of Speed.

Jean-Yves Tabourot

Jean-Yves Tabourot is unusually both a Formula One race engineer and also an artist who specializes in car-related art. He has his own website at JYTbesportart.com where he shows and his work and also the process of creating it. From the website you can buy original acrylic on canvas paintings and limited edition prints from as little as £90.

Jaguar D Type Painting by Tarourot

You can buy either this original acrylic on canvas painting of the Le Mans winning Jaguar D Type or a limited edition print.

Car Art Ferrari 2445GT

This print of a Ferrari 2445GT is available in various sizes but the original has been sold.

Rear View Prints

The print below of the three iconic Jaguars can be found at Rear View Prints who have an online shop aimed at Formula One, Movie and Classic car fans.

Rear View Prints Jaguars

They have two series of prints for sale. The first is the Iconic Car Series of which the print above is one. The second is the F1 Race Track Print Series, an example of which is below.

Car Art Silverstone-Rear-View-Prints

Brian James

An artist with his own online store selling original paintings and signed limited edition prints from about £375 is Brian James.

Since 2009 BMW has commissioned Brian to paint the main illustration for the prestigious Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza, which takes place each year at Lake Como in northern Italy. Brian also illustrates the Yearbook that records the event with paintings of all of the cars on show.

Brian’s website is called Brian James Automobile Art and here are three of his pieces to give a flavour of his style.

A Ferrari 166 MM by Brian James

1947 Ferrari 166MM

Car Art - Brian James Villa d’Este Concorso Eleganza 2011

Villa d’Este Concorso Eleganza 2011

Car Art - Wind in the Hair by Brian James

Wind in the Hair

Roy Putt

You may recognise Roy’s work from the pages of Octane and Classic and Sports Car magazines. Roy captures the grace, sophistication and elegance of a bygone age often with great humour.

He has his own website called Roy Putt Motoring Art from where you can buy original paintings or prints.

Print of Roy Putt's painting Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog by Roy Putt

Car Art - Roy Putt

His Favourite Driver by Roy Putt


Barry Rowe

With his distinctive style that manages to capture fine detail and amosphere, Barry Rowe has built up a large following and his paintings are popular and fetch high prices. In his book Atmosphere and Light: The Automotive Paintings of Barry Rowe he says he tries to “paint pictures as opposed to car illustrations. Many are landscapes with cars that just happen to be in them.”

Car Art Barry Rowe

Barry Rowe

Barry has his own website Barry Rowe AFAS where you can browse and buy his work. His paintings are also available from Historic Car Art (see below)

Historic Car Art

Historic Car Art is an an online gallery featuring the works of over thirty artists, sculptors and photographers.

Ferrari sculpture by Estaban Serassio

This is a  bronze sculpture of the Rob Walker Ferrari 250GT SWB driven by Stirling Moss to victory in the 1961 Goodwood TT.  It was made by Esteban Serassio using the traditional lost wax casting method. Historic Car Art have sculptures by Esteban Serassio, Gary Smith and Paul Chenard.

Apart from sculptures and artwork (originals and  prints), Historic Car Art also sell a number of other things that make great gifts. For example limited edition prints and photographs signed by drivers, mugs with artwork printed on them, cufflinks, original vintage posters and greeting cards.

Car Art Historic Posters

Not on the High Street

If you are looking for more reasonably priced car related prints it is worth looking on Not On The High Street where you can find artists who will make you an original personalized print of your car. Here are two artists who advertise there.

Personalised Mini Cooper Art Print

Michelle Lancaster of Wink Design. Illustrated here is her Personalised Mini Cooper Car Print.

Original print of fiat 500

Fiat 500 by Lynsey Hunter who has a whole range of illustrated cars for sale at Lynsey Hunter Illustration.

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