Christmas Gifts for Petrolheads

Each year lots of websites publish a page of petrolhead Christmas gift ideas. We are no exception. However, what we’ve done is pulled together some ideas from our other pages which we hope will be just a little bit unusual and which you probably won’t find on the other sites – until they read this of course 😉  We’ve also included gifts for people who may not be as enamored about cars and driving as you, but gifts you will feel happy giving to them.  And if you’re reading this and you’re not a petrolhead, but you’re looking for a gift for one, well, take a look around the site. There’s lots here for everybody’s pocket.  Anyway, here goes for our Christmas Gift Idea List…

1. A Go Faster Book

Your Dad’s getting a bit slow in his old age. Get him a book!  This one, Going Faster – Mastering the Art of Race Driving is for sale on Amazon and we have other suggestions on our Coffee Table Books for Petrolheads  page and our other Books pages.

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2. A Quick Brew

Art Deco SADLER Pottery Racing Car Teapot

You want something for your Gran? Give her a teapot! For this and other teapots, see our Teapots for Petrolheads page.

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3. A car jigsaw puzzle

Everybody can help with this and many people think it is better than a board game because people can join in when they want and then leave to have a snooze or whatever. Lots of jigsaws on our Jigsaw page all with a car theme.

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4. A Ferrari Watch

Ferrari Watch

Lots more great car themed watches on out Ferrari Watches for Petrolheads page.

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5. Socks? Yes, Socks! You can’t heel and toe without them!

Socks are a traditional Christmas gift. Nobody wants them but here are some you’d be proud to give or receive.  We have a whole page about socks if you want to see more. If you’re OK for socks, how about a something for the other end… a bow tie?

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6. Christmas Day. Just the day for wearing a car-themed bow tie

A bow tie with cars on.

Check out our tie page –Ties for Petrolheads

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7. Lego. Build yourself a Lego Supercar!

Lego – All age groups like Lego. See our page Lego Cars for Big Boys and Girls for kits from reasonable amounts of money to loads of money!

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8. Smell that burning rubber, engine oil and Eau De Toilette


How about some smelly stuff? Look good and smell good too. See lots of similar products on Amazon.

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9.  A Magazine Subscription

Lots more car magazine subscriptions available on Amazon.

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10. An F1 Chair

F1 Mercedes chair

And finally something costing a little more.  All lists of Xmas gift ideas include something with a higher price tag. This is £2,995.96. A F1 racing suit chair made with authentic materials.  Check out the details on Amazon – F1 Race Suit Chair.

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Happy Shopping and a Merry Christmas from us at GiftsForPetrolheads.

Go treat yourself!

PS  For information about the silver model of the Mercedes Benz at the top of this page, see our Streamlined Car Sculptures page.